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    Engage in your community and make a difference!

    Giving back to your community or any community is the best way to make a difference. "To volunteer, you do not need to be a celebrity or billionaire, all you need is an open heart to support people in needs by sharing your skills, talents, knowledge and anything that can contribute to making a difference." 


    Partners of Volunteer Haiti are individuals, institutions or organizations who commit to volunteering with us or donating to support our mission and vision either in Haiti or in the US. Our partners will be part of our operations or will be informed of our activities in the local communities.


    Since VOLUNTEER HAITI’s mission depends 80% on college students, we offer internship opportunities in the fields of administration, research, sociology, technology, health care and development to qualified college students who would like to engage in local development and transformation of life in Haiti. Our internship program is open to national and international students. Our internship consist of three (3) sessions: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Interns will perform under the supervision of VH staffs to help the ground operations run steadily.

    Volunteer Haiti offers an opportunity not only to young graduate students from Haiti but also, to graduate students from anywhere to come and support our movement for the benefits of Haiti and humanity. We are a clear example of diversity, and we invite all generations from different parts of the world to come and join our volunteer social network and make a difference.

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    Mwen se Mendel Mesidor, mwen soti Lyankou, Administrateur, Enseignant, travay nan Natcom S.A.

    Mwen motive poum fe volonte paske map viv nan zon yon ki manke anpil bagay, moun yo manke anpil mwayen tandike gen anpil bezwen. Etanke yon moun ki leve nan zon nan e ki gen posibilite aprann, mta renmen ede lakay mwen, paske mwen kwe lavi lot moun yo ka chanje si nou ede yo, zon nou ka posede anpil bagay si nou met tet ansanm.

    Nan ka sa a, mwen vle bay tout mwen menm jis pou pote yon chanjman ak popilasyon an.

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    Let's use our creative collaboration to develop our communities.

    Thank you for your interest in Volunteer Haiti Incorporation. One of our Volunteer Coordinators will contact you shortly. Please do not hesitate to share with us any opinion, suggestion, or any positive idea that may help Volunteer Haiti make a difference. For those who live in Haiti, please complete the second form and do the online orientation for your application to be considered.

    Click on the following link to access respectively the second form and the online orientation:

    Nous vous remercions de l'intérêt que vous portez à Volunteer Haiti Incorporation. Un de nos coordonnateurs du service volontaire vous contactera sous peu. N'hésitez pas à nous faire part de toute opinion, suggestion ou idée positive qui pourrait aider "Volunteer Haiti" à faire une différence. Pour ceux qui vivent en Haïti, veuillez remplir le deuxième formulaire et participer à l'orientation en ligne pour que votre requête soit prise en considération.

    Cliquez sur le lien suivant pour accéder respectivement au deuxième formulaire et à l'orientation en ligne :

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