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Volunteer Haiti is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that recruits and infuses skills-based volunteers to other nonprofit organizations in Haiti and Jacksonville Florida. Besides recruiting and infusing volunteers to other nonprofit organizations, Volunteer Haiti offers and develops new services such as, disaster preparedness, and free foreign language tutoring to high school/ college students, professional, and individuals who are looking for tutors who speak French, Spanish, and Creole etc. 

Volunteer Haiti promotes creative collaboration, diversity, open mind to accelerate positive, and sustainable change. We converge the experiences, accomplishments, talents, and knowledge that we have through volunteering to give back to our community and motivate others to engage their energies and focus on community development.


Volunteer Haiti was founded in 2015 by a group of AmeriCorps VISTA members and College students that have combined positive and fresh ideas to develop and implement a new volunteer social network, which envisions to make a difference in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and in Jacksonville Florida. 


Each year, we have thousands of undergraduates, graduates, and technicians who are looking for employment with no work experience. Considering socioeconomic situations, Haiti is the worst, but students in the Dominican Republic and Jacksonville Florida still facing the challenge of work experience. In one side, there are many nonprofit organizations in Jacksonville and Haiti that are looking for volunteers. On the other side, we have approximately 70% of the local cities in Haiti, which are governed by people with little experience and knowledge in the fields of development and public affairs. 

As a result, Volunteer Haiti tends to be a link between these undergraduates, graduates or professionals and the nonprofits or the territorial collectivities via its volunteer social network to facilitate work experience, encourage community engagement and local development.  


Recruiting and empowering volunteers to strengthen the institutional capacity of public and local nonprofit agencies by means of creative collaboration and community engagement. 


Help to leverage public services and transforming lives and local communities.


VH's mission is exclusively based on volunteering. Its areas of focus are education, technology, agriculture, healthcare, environment, and emergency management such as risks and natural disasters.


To fully achieve its mission in Haiti, Volunteer Haiti focuses on the following areas: education, technology, agriculture, healthcare, environment, and emergency management such as risks and natural disasters.

To promote community engagement and to develop a positive synergy to transform lives in local communities, Volunteer Haiti supports local government and local nonprofit organizations by providing seminars, expertise while strengthening volunteerism. Volunteer Haiti uses the support of graduate students, professionals and skills based individuals in Haiti, from the US or from other countries to help develop the territorial collectivities by providing administrative or professional and technical support, and by fostering community engagement.

Volunteer Haiti is developing partnerships with Empowerment Resources, Haitian Government and other INGOs to support "Volunteer Haiti" in its mission and vision.


Volunteer Haiti targets the first ten (10) cities ranked as the most disadvantaged ones of the overall territorial collectivities in Haiti. One is picked from each department to test the Volunteer Haiti-Ambassadors’ project as well as other projects to measure their impacts on local communities in a period of one year.


The organizational culture of Volunteer Haiti is defined by the following values:

Collaboration- develop effective partnerships with public, private, nonprofit organizations, including skills-based volunteers to increase our impacts on the territorial collectivity.

Service- Engage in community service and volunteerism

Leadership- Communicate positive vision, lead by example and promote diversity to multiply results in local communities.

Excellence- Offer a better quality of service to our territorial collectivity and make a difference

Innovative – use “Verba and Acta” to transform lives and local communities.

Public interest – Volunteer Haiti represents the public interest, supporting and acting with local governments and other non-profit organizations.

Transparency and Integrity- Volunteer Haiti intends to lead its business with honesty, accountability, transparency and timely communication.


As a 501(C)3 tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, Volunteer Haiti relies on volunteers and generous donations. VH is looking for financial support to build the capacity of Volunteer Haiti.

To make a donation go to Volunteer Haiti



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