Haiti-Next Generation Leaders

VH-Ambassador Project

Volunteer Haiti is working to prepare the next generation leaders in Haiti. 


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  • Robin Son
    commented 2023-12-13 22:30:09 -0500
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  • Frantz Damas
    commented 2020-09-12 23:28:37 -0400
    Kisa ki volontarya?
    Volontarya se volonte youn oubyen plizyè sitwayen pou ede ak bezwen yon lòt ou yon group moun ou ankò pou sèvi yon kominote san espere yon salè.
  • Frantz Damas
  • Frantz Damas
    commented 2020-06-27 13:13:57 -0400
    Nous travaillons pour les génerations à venir..