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    Volunteer Abroad




    Volunteer Haiti offers opportunities to any volunteers or students who would like to share their time and knowledge with local nonprofits, schools, churches, and local government in Haiti.

    Dominican Republic

    Volunteer Haiti can help you plan your trip or connect you with one of our partners to find a place to volunteer.

    Other Countries

    Volunteer Haiti can help you plan your trip or connect you with any INGOs that offer International Volunteer Service projects. 

    Foreign Language

    Volunteer Haiti offers diverse opportunities with a multicultural group. We offer foreign language classes and tutoring sessions to our volunteers. 

    Be informed

    The experience of volunteering abroad is a noble adventure and opportunity. From the trip, transportation, the volunteer project to a place to stay and even more, there is always a cost. Volunteers are responsible to pay for their trips and related expenses. Tax-exempt receipts are available for travel donations of $20 or more. Don’t let one language set you in one corridor for life. 

    Become a volunteer

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    Bsr VH mwen yo koman nou ye

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    Mwen ankouraje tout moun ki poko fè pati vh ,esnkri Pou w fè w ka rantre nan fanmi saj, yn fanmi kote jènn yo devwe anpil e yo gen kouraj Pou yo travay ,

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