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    Foreign Language

    Volunteer Haiti- Foreign Language Tutoring

    Volunteer Haiti Offers free foreign language tutoring to high school/ college students, professional, and individuals who are looking for tutor in French, Spanish, and Creole.

    We can meet with you at the following locations:

    • University of North Florida Library (UNF)
    • Jacksonville Public Library Main Branch (Downtown)
    • University Park Branch Library
    • FSCJ South Campus library
    • FSCJ Downtown Library

    We will certainly increase our sites to better serve the Jacksonville community.

    Don’t let one language set you in one corridor for life. Volunteer Haiti and meet up Jacksonville speak Creole offer you diverse opportunities with a multicultural group.

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    Bsr VH mwen yo koman nou ye

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    Mwen ankouraje tout moun ki poko fè pati vh ,esnkri Pou w fè w ka rantre nan fanmi saj, yn fanmi kote jènn yo devwe anpil e yo gen kouraj Pou yo travay ,

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