Let's use the power of creative collaboration to make of Haiti a safer and a better place to live

I believe in the theory of creative collaboration used by Volunteer Haiti to encourage professionals, students, and skills based volunteers to support its mission and its vision.  

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    My benefits of being a potential volunteer and donor to Volunteer Haiti are a lifetime of benefits, and I enjoy them every day.

  • VH au service de l'Asile Communal de Port au Prince

    En date du 9 Aout 2016, nous avions 8 Psychologues, 8 Travailleurs Sociaux , 3 infirmières et 12 autres étudiants de différentes disciplines qui etaient à l'asile communale de Port-au- Prince pour aider la mairie de Port au Prince à mieux comprendre et servir les residents de l'asile communal. 
    Du même coup, nous distribuions des kits et d'autres dons pouvant aider ces gens demunies à vivre mieux.

    Volunteer Haiti continue à faire preuve de VERBA & ACTA, tout en promouvant l'engagement communautaire.

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    Tres bien Amos, les etudiants qui sont en Republique Dominicaine devraient prendre avantage de ce forum pour echanger des idees et reflechir sur le development communautaire.

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    VH-Ambassador at Grand-Gosier


    Meet with Nedy Estriplet, the VH-Ambassador for Grand-Gosier. His mission includes supporting the mayors administratively and technically, implementing VH-programs for the city and promoting community engagement via volunteerism.

    VH, une idee qui s'impose!


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    Be A VH-Ambassador

     Le projet, titré VOLUNTEER-HAITI-AMBASSADEUR, est élaboré et sera mis en œuvre dans le but de recruter et former des volontaires qui, à leur tour, s’assureront du recrutement et de la formation de volontaires dans les communautés prioritaires. Par ailleurs, ce projet consiste à instaurer des activités de formation pour les résidents des collectivités territoriales et le personnel étatique. Ce projet est axé exclusivement sur le support administratif, technique et professionnel que VOLUNTEER HAITI apporte aux collectivités territoriales.

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    Would you like to learn or practice a second language? French, Creole or Spanish? Please, call or email Volunteer Haiti to benefit from our free services.

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    Collaboration- develop effective partnerships with public, private, nonprofit organizations, including skills-based volunteers to increase our impacts on the territorial collectivity.

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    My benefits of being a potential volunteer and donor to Volunteer Haiti are a lifetime of benefits, and I enjoy them every day

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    Collaboration- develop effective partnerships with public, private, nonprofit organizations, including skills-based volunteers to increase our impacts on the territorial collectivity.

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    I signed up to volunteer for Home. Join me!

    Engage in your community and make a difference!

    Giving back to your community or any community is the best way to make a difference. "To volunteer, you do not need to be a celebrity or billionaire, all you need is an open heart to support people in needs by sharing your skills, talents, knowledge and anything that can contribute to making a difference." 


    Partners of Volunteer Haiti are individuals, institutions or organizations who commit to volunteering with us or donating to support our mission and vision either in Haiti or in the US. Our partners will be part of our operations or will be informed of our activities in the local communities.


    Since VOLUNTEER HAITI’s mission depends 80% on college students, we offer internship opportunities in the fields of administration, research, sociology, technology, health care and development to qualified college students who would like to engage in local development and transformation of life in Haiti. Our internship program is open to national and international students. Our internship consist of three (3) sessions: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Interns will perform under the supervision of VH staffs to help the ground operations run steadily.

    Volunteer Haiti offers an opportunity not only to young graduate students from Haiti but also, to graduate students from anywhere to come and support our movement for the benefits of Haiti and humanity. We are a clear example of diversity, and we invite all generations from different parts of the world to come and join our volunteer social network and make a difference.

    Become a volunteer

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    I signed up to volunteer for Volunteer Haiti, Inc.. Join me!

    Let's use our creative collaboration to develop our communities.

    We thank for your interest in Volunteer Haiti Inc. We are more than happy to have you with us. Your opinion, suggestion, knowledge, or any positive idea that you want to share with volunteer Haiti will be well appreciated. Do not forget, you must fill the second form and take an online training on the philosophy and the operation of Volunteer Haiti for your application to be considered.
    Click on the following link to access respectively the second form and the online training:


    Nous vous remercions d'avoir intéressé a volontaire Haïti Inc. Nous sommes plus qu'heureux de vous avoir avec nous. Votre avis, suggestion, connaissance, ou toute idée que positif vous voulez partager avec Volunteer Haïti sera bien apprécié. N’oubliez pas, vous devez remplir le deuxième formulaire et prendre en ligne une formation sur la philosophie et le fonctionnement de Volunteer Haïti pour que votre demande soit considérée.

    Cliquez sur le lien suivant pour accéder respectivement au deuxième formulaire et la formation en ligne:

    Become a volunteer

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    Make a difference today, be a volunteer or make an in-kind donation to support our projects in Haiti.

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    All donations raised will be used to support Volunteer Haiti's projects either in Haiti, Dominican Republic, or in Jacksonville.

    Thank you in advance for your generous contribution that will help us achieve our mission and make a difference.

    In-kind donation wish list 

    School Supplies Needed!!!

    Donate or volunteer to support our post-disaster project in Haiti: Hurricane Matthew mid & long term responses

    Please click on this In-Kind Donation Wish List to choose the item(s) that you would like to donate.

    There are many ways to donate to support our projects:

    • Gift of cash

    •  money order

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    • credit card

    • Gift card

    All donations are tax-deductible and should be made payable to Volunteer Haiti Inc. and mailed to 2432 Ormsby Cir W, Jacksonville, FL 32210 or 15005 PO Box Jacksonville, FL 32239 United States




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